alex blajan

Bibi Sakalieva is a luxury fashion brand that empowers all women and celebrates their individuality. It was founded by me - Billyana Sakalieva, or as everyone calls me - Bibi. As a woman, I believe that each of us should feel beautiful and confident, and as a designer - I want to help you achieve that. Welcome to my world of fashion, where style knows no boundaries! For some time now, I have been living in constant travel between Bulgaria, my native land, and London. My brand crosses continents and cultures, taking the best of all places. Using my Bulgarian heritage as a significant influence in most of my creations and mixing the simplicity of form with vibrant colours and luxurious fabric is at the heart of the process of each of the brand’s collections. All clothes are handmade ethically in the atelier in Bulgaria, with massive attention to detail and a lot of love. With a deep passion, I am breaking free from the constraints of traditional sizes - I am designing clothes that cater to every unique size and shape. Why? Because it is not all about the numbers - it is about embracing the beauty that lies within each of you! Each design has a goal - to fit and beautifully accentuate any silhouette to emphasize femininity to every woman. Fashion has to be inclusive and empowering, it should reflect a person’s authentic self. That is why I like to work with non-professional models. I believe this is how I send a message to all these “imperfect” women - celebrating your femininity doesn’t require you to have the perfect measurements of a model. Strength comes from within! The rest is in the hands of the designer… Mission My mission is to help every woman to enhance her natural beauty, no matter her measurements. I am redefining the notion of beauty, I strive to create a fashion world where everyone is celebrated, heard and seen, no matter the size. My design does not only look good on you, but they also feel like a second skin - luxurious but comfortable and perfectly tailored for you!

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