Bibi Sakalieva: Sustainable Premium Fashion for Every Woman

Bibi Sakalieva is a sustainable and premium fashion brand that empowers every woman and celebrates their individuality. It was founded by me - Billyana Sakalieva, or as everyone calls me - Bibi. Also,I believe that evry woman should feel beautiful and because of that I want to help you achieve that.So, welcome to my world of fashion, where style knows no boundaries!

For some time now, I have been living in constant travel between Bulgaria, my native land, and London.Therefore my brand crosses continents and cultures, taking the best of all places.Also I using my Bulgarian heritage as a significant influence in most of my creations and mixing the simplicity of form with vibrant colors and luxurious fabric is at the heart of the process of each of the brand’s collections.

All clothes are made ethically in my atelier in Bulgaria, with massive attention to detail and sustainability and a deep passion.Likewise, I am breaking free from the constraints of traditional sizes because I am designing clothes that cater to every woman's size and shape. Why? Because it is not all about the numbers - it is about embracing the beauty that lies within each of you!

Our commitment to sustainable premium fashion for every woman extends beyond our production process. We strive to use eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring that our garments not only look good but also do good for the environment. We believe that fashion should be both luxurious and responsible, allowing women to make a statement while also making a positive impact.

At Bibi Sakalieva, we understand that every woman is unique, and our diverse range of designs reflects that. Whether you prefer timeless classics or bold statements, we have something for you.Becasue our mission is to empower women to express themselves through fashion, knowing that they are supporting a brand that values sustainability and inclusivity.

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There is almost no woman who likes everything about herself. And this is entirely normal! And that the clothes should look equally good on women with perfect measurements and women with less-than-perfect sizes. They should embrace all body types and form a society of confident women. Therefore, I present a collection RTW that looks equally good on every woman. No more body shaming because you are perfect the way you are, and you don’t need to be a model in order to enhance your beauty! Each design fits well with women of different body types; you will see this in future photoshoots. In the same way - I offer the possibility of measuring each of my models according to the portions of your body, ensuring that this will not affect the final price. Yes - clothes perfectly tailored for you to help you embrace your beauty and confidence. Recently, I also offered bags made from textiles by me. What about the future? As I like to say - the best is yet to come! Many more projects are about to be launched on the market, so stay tuned!

There you can take a look all of my work. New collections and beautiful gift ideas.

Please, if you have chosen something from the BS collection, do not hesitate to contact me and ask your questions.

Thank you for choosing me!

Why choose Bibi Sakalieva fashion brand?

In a world full of countless fashion brands competing for attention, one name stands out - Bibi Sakalieva. My fashion brand has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, and for a good reason - with a commitment to inclusivity and a goal of empowering women, Bibi Sakalieva’s fashion is becoming one of the refreshing brands, departing from the norm and winning the hearts of thousands. But let us explain why you should choose Bibi Sakalieva fashion brand.


Fashion for every women and body type

At the heart of our philosophy and mission is to embrace and celebrate every body type. We are tired of seeing how fashion is restricted to a specific range of sizes, and that’s why our designs are perfectly crafted to flatter and enhance the real beauty of women no matter their bodies. With Bibi Sakalieva you can embrace your individuality and unique shape and feel the confidence you should feel as a woman.

Empowering evry women and their individuality

We know that women’s power comes from the inside, but it should always be completed from the outside by the perfect pieces of clothing that embrace confidence and individuality.Bibi Sakalieva's brand is not just about designer clothes, it is about empowerment of women and their self-expression. With us, you can embrace your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness. By choosing Bibi Sakalieva"s sustainable fashion brand for every women, you choose to show who you are through fashion.

Authenticity through non-professional models

Bibi Sakalieva, break away from the norms of the fashion industry becasue we working with non-professional models only.Moreover, we showcase a real people with their own uniqueness and diverse mind and body. I bring authenticity, and weshow the world that not every woman has the measurements of a model, and this is completely fine! When browsing through my website, you will see that all photoshoots were made with non-professional models that embrace the uniqueness of every woman because we are not all the same, but this does not mean that we are not perfect!


Sustainable and premium products crafted with attention to the detail

All products from our collections are produced in our atelier in Bulgaria. By guaranteeing that we direct our attention not only to the details but also to offering decent and fair pay to our workers. We carefully choose sustainable fabrics, we also make efforts to make fashion without waste, that is, we turn waste into wonderful accessories such as bags, bookcases, cosmetic bags and other small accessories. From selecting high-quality sustainable and premium fabrics for precision design and tailoring, every part of clothing is created with passion, care and dedication. With Bibi Sakalieva, clothes feel like a second skin.


Choose the world of Bibi Sakalieva’s fashion - a place where style knows no boundaries. Embrace who you are, and celebrate your uniqueness, beauty, and individuality. Enjoy high-quality clothes crafted with an eye for detail, care, and a lot of dedication. Choose Bibi Sakalieva - a sustainable fashion brand for every woman, fashion that inspires and empowers. With each piece, you're not just making a style statement, but also contributing to a more sustainable future..

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